The Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy (CJFP) is an academic journal published seasonally by students at The University of Chicago. The journal features a collection of articles that discuss various matters and situations dealing directly with foreign affairs. Each edition covers topics from all regions of the world and engages in ongoing discussions held on the international stage. Our website serves as a complement to our print publication, featuring a few additional articles and op-eds, in addition to the pieces printed in the journal itself.



Ezra Max & Joshua Zakharov

Junior Editors

Gaurav Kalwani, Davis Larkin, & Nicole Somerstein


Max Miller

Staff Contributors

Pallavi Geethika, Jack Haynie, Ben Silvian,  Anna Stoneman, & Valerie Zhu


Join the journal!

CJFP is not currently accepting applications for new editors and staff. However, if you are an undergraduate from any college or university interested in writing about foreign policy and foreign affairs, and would like to submit an original long-form piece to be published in print edition, feel free to contact us at with a proposal for your piece.


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