• Eastern Europe
  • A Comparison of Past Russian Involvement in Georgia and Ukraine


    ISAAC TRONCOSO Whether one points to an interconnected economic system which binds together the fates of faraway nations, ideological winds contradicting a historical narrative of human progress towards globalization, the fracturing of states’ spheres of influence, or an arguable decrease in relevance of states themselves, it is clear that we live in an age of […]

  • Eastern Europe
  • The Shah Deniz Project: An Opportunity to Rethink European Energy Security after the Crimean Crisis

    AYHAN KUÇUK Today, Europe imports more than half of the energy it consumes and more than one third its natural gas imports currently come from Russia. Russian gas is delivered to Europe through different routes mainly via the largest channel through Ukraine. The 2009 gas supply crisis was so recent, when a dispute between Ukraine […]