• Middle East
  • Merkel’s Open Borders: Reanalyzing German National Security

    GABRIEL DAVIS In February 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, responding to Syria’s grisly civil war and the growing number of migrants it produced, “threw open [Germany’s] doors” to let in upwards of one million refugees.[1] Just nine months later, Paris exploded with the deadliest terror attacks on French shores since World War II[2], rocking the […]

  • Historical Analysis
  • The War Guilt Controversy: Germany as a Benevolent Challenger in WWI

    OLIVIA LIN Conventional scholarship, along with the Treaty of Versailles itself, have characterized Germany as one of the chief aggressors of World War I. In addition to the necessary historical conditions that set the stage for war, WWI could also be viewed as the culmination of a series of miscalculations among military strategists of European […]