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  • Interview: Ilan Pappé


    With Israel approving new settlements in Palestine for the first time in twenty years, an unprecedented foreign policy in the White House, and significant political shifts in the US and Europe, 2017 is poised to be a significant year in the troubled history of Israel and Palestine. To help analyze these developments, Ezra Max spoke with prominent […]

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  • Merkel’s Open Borders: Reanalyzing German National Security

    GABRIEL DAVIS In February 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, responding to Syria’s grisly civil war and the growing number of migrants it produced, “threw open [Germany’s] doors” to let in upwards of one million refugees.[1] Just nine months later, Paris exploded with the deadliest terror attacks on French shores since World War II[2], rocking the […]

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  • Chickenshit-Gate Revisited: The Obama Administration’s Open Frustration with Netanyahu’s Risk-Averse Policies

    OLIVIA LIN After decades of a special relationship between the United States and Israel, maintained primarily by stable foreign aid and political support, the White House has begun to voice frustration over Israel’s lack of cooperation and action. In October of last year, the White House’s passive-aggressive attitude towards a recalcitrant Netanyahu came to light […]

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  • The Shah Deniz Project: An Opportunity to Rethink European Energy Security after the Crimean Crisis

    AYHAN KUÇUK Today, Europe imports more than half of the energy it consumes and more than one third its natural gas imports currently come from Russia. Russian gas is delivered to Europe through different routes mainly via the largest channel through Ukraine. The 2009 gas supply crisis was so recent, when a dispute between Ukraine […]