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  • Our Globalized World


    JOASH WARD If you’re anything like me, you were at the edge of your seat as you watched a man scheme to sway the US Presidential election. The victory of a man who degraded the platform of his predecessor, even as it was predicted that he wouldn’t win was dumbfounding. I was in awe, seeing […]

  • Africa
  • “Never Again:” How Guilt Over Rwanda Fueled African Genocide


    EZRA MAX The sharpness of the tongue defeats the sharpness of the warriors. Language is better than weapons. —Rwandan proverb[1] Preface In 1995 Susan Rice (then the National Security Council’s director for international organizations and peacekeeping), acknowledging the tepid nature of America’s response to the atrocities of the Rwandan Genocide the previous year, “swore to […]

  • Middle East
  • Interview: Ilan Pappé


    With Israel approving new settlements in Palestine for the first time in twenty years, an unprecedented foreign policy in the White House, and significant political shifts in the US and Europe, 2017 is poised to be a significant year in the troubled history of Israel and Palestine. To help analyze these developments, Ezra Max spoke with prominent […]

  • Eastern Europe
  • A Comparison of Past Russian Involvement in Georgia and Ukraine


    ISAAC TRONCOSO Whether one points to an interconnected economic system which binds together the fates of faraway nations, ideological winds contradicting a historical narrative of human progress towards globalization, the fracturing of states’ spheres of influence, or an arguable decrease in relevance of states themselves, it is clear that we live in an age of […]